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Everyone should watch Sky High for the sheer fact that there is a character whose mother is a superhero and father is a super villain and the kid’s name is Warren Peace. 

Warren Peace, man. 

He also looks like this, if that helps at all


This movie is ridiculously underrated and the fact that they didn’t get to make it a four-part series like they had planned is a tragedy 

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for you to lipSYNC FOR. YOUR. LIFE.


does anyone else ever think about boyd and kira being friends?? because i do. and it makes me very, very sad. because they would have been great friends. and derek would secretly like them the best because boyd is so smart and kira is so sweet (and impossible to dislike) and boyd would be they would both be quietly supportive of the rest of the pack and also kick ass when they need to.

basically a boyd x kira friendship is everything to me and it would have been amazing.

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Please!!! I encourage anyone who follows me or sees this to sign this petition. My city is under a lot of distress right now for this wrongful doing. Here is the link to sign the petition…

Let’s get this goin’